About John H. Jefferson

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John Jefferson is a well-known speaker, trainer, consultant and mentor. When he speaks, people listen! Jefferson combines his knowledge and experience in the Human Resources world and Diversity Inclusion to find the best Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion products that are needed to form or maintain a great company that will perform for years to come!

Whether you are trying to take the next step toward your  company’s goals, or you are making a major change within your company, Jefferson is the man with the plan. With decades of experience in Human Resources and as Shell Oil’s previous Chief Diversity Officer, utilizing his knowledge and connections will take your company anywhere you want it to go.

“Jefferson developed and led the Diversity Progress Enhancement Project to assess Shell’s U.S. progress against the standard and put several procedures in place. A nine-person team, made up of HR and diversity leaders representing all five Shell divisions operating in the U.S.” (hreoneline.com). His contacts are endless. His influence expansive.

Jefferson is coming out of retirement to help you boost your company to levels you never thought possible! As the Director of Diversity, Community Affairs and Human Resources at Shell Oil Products, he helped to take the company from, “just 8 percent of women in senior-executive and management-level positions… [to] 32 percent” in just ONE year!! (hreonline.com). While in this position, these numbers went up to over 50 percent! If he could do this for a Fortune 500 company, imagine what he can do for yours!

You can rely on Jefferson. In his words, “My job gets done through influencing the senior HR team and other senior leaders, and through the actual work of people sitting out in the business … making sure things happen.”

Jefferson thinks, “It is important to share my knowledge and experience with you.  As a retired executive, I now have time to give back to my community by helping others in many of their business endeavors. Whether working for yourself or someone else, each of us can benefit from a professional coach and mentor in some form or fashion. My job is to tell you who is the best and what they have to offer.”

Please feel free to send any articles, blogs, podcasts, or any other products on Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion and Change Management (the categories are endless) to jeff@jhjeffersonconsulting.com. Or, for any questions or quick advice, please comment below.

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