Intel Allocates $300 Million to Develop Workplace Diversity. How is the money best spent?

Featured image$300 million is fine, but companies have been spending lots of money for years and few accomplish anything significant. They do things like having a conference to talk about all of the great things they are doing to improve workplace diversity and sponsor an all Asian baseball team. It has been primarily about fluff, and here we are many years later, in a boat we were in 30 years ago. Nothing has really changed very much.

My past budgets have included things like:

First, and foremost, to pay salaries. Other things included creating a vision and developing active steps and measurement tools. After that, quite a bit was spent on various employee support groups (black, gay and lesbian, women’s groups, etc). The goal is to extend the progress from senior level management, all the way to the employees.

Hire Jefferson Consulting and I will create the optimal budget allocation for your company.  I can even show you how to save some money. Here’s a freebie: Diversity Inclusion study groups are often formed from employees within a company. Much of the time, the Diversity budget allocates money to pay the group’s bosses for their employee’s time out of the office. Ask each boss to waive the inter-office fee to help free up some of the budget. Many will gladly oblige for the overall benefit of the company.

Wondering what to do with your company’s Diversity plan? Ask Jefferson Consulting. I have created Diversity and Inclusion plans for budgets that are in the millions. No budget is too large or too small!

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