Inauguration of Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick

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It is the first inauguration in Texas in 12 years. The two most conservative Governor and Lt. Governor have been elected to represent our state. Liberals are up in arms because they are afraid of change. We all are. Some fear that now that conservatives are in control, there are changes that are coming that they are not going to like.

I say, who cares.  They don’t run the state. We have instituted checks and balances to prevent any one entity from just completely taking over. And yes, there’s been some turn over, but no man can run the state by himself. Your control point (the place citizens have and need control) are the house and senate, so don’t worry about how conservative the two new elects are. It really doesn’t matter.

For those who are upset, I say use this time to appreciate the diversity around you. Find out what Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick have on their agenda and be positive. Think about Greg Abbott. He is a diversity story within himself. His wife is Hispanic and he himself is physically challenged and is confined to a wheelchair. There are many layers to these individuals that have nothing to do with their political views that we all can find and appreciate.

As my Grandma Maggie used to say, “Quit fretting over nothing, it will all come out in the wash.” Go out and influence what you have the power to have influence over. Just worrying is a waste of energy. The rest is like the washing machine. You throw it in dirty, it comes out clean. Who cares what happens in between!

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