Normalization of U.S. and Cuban Relations, WIIFM… What’s in it for me?

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Recently, the president has proposed the normalization of relations with Cuba causing a mix of emotions and heated debates throughout our country. I see this as a potentially huge possibility for entrepreneurs and the United States in general.

We have blocked this country from all things American for decades. With this opening up between the two countries, we can create an abundance of opportunities for citizens in both places. There is a ton of potential there if it comes to fruition. Obviously, some entrepreneurs will get out in front of it all. There are all types of possibilities for new business. One could possibly open a Cuban cigar store here in the States, or open a dealership in Cuba with cars that are from this century. Cubans have had to fix up the same, old cars (for eons) because they cannot get cars imported from other places. Restaurants could be opened in the U.S. The cuisine from Cuba can be shared and enjoyed. Some of the food from Cuba has never even been tasted by American lips. Of course, this is only if relations are normalized.

Despite many in congress speaking out against the change, I still believe it is a great step forward for a country 90 miles off our coast. Besides, why shouldn’t we, as Americans, also benefit? It can easily be seen that Cubans can benefit from this opening of trade, but so can we. What is wrong with taking advantage of this mutually beneficial opportunity?

This is a great time to capitalize on diversity. Some who were born in Cuba have never been able to leave. They have no way to keep track of current events happening in much of the rest of the world. They have little to no access to the latest technology; many having no money to buy and maintain a cell phone or internet service. According to a Cuban citizen’s, “average monthly salary is between $20-$30.” The people of this country have no choice but to live in the past.

By opening up the possibility of trade and tourism, both countries will have an opportunity to participate in the fruits of diversity. Generating money for Cuba through tourism would give the country the ability to rise up and become part of the rest of the world, which would add to and enhance diversity.

On the other end, this would be a great opportunity for U.S. business people to learn about the Cuban culture and ways and come back to the states and teach this to the entrepreneurs interested in moving to Cuba to open up shop. This could even be something that is set up with the Cuban government. Learn about the people and their ways in order to share with the US in order to enhance trade. WIIFM… What’s in it for me? We can make money and expand our knowledge base. All in all, the opportunities are endless. I truly hope the effort succeeds.

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