The last 5-7 Years before Retirement Should be Fun and Exciting!

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Where are you in your career currently? What skills do you have that will enable you to take them over to the less structured-working (retirement) world? At this stage in your career, most people are not worried about upward mobility in their company. Now, you can do some things without having to worry about the backlash you could suffer from your employer. Because you are so close to leaving, you no longer worry about being promoted, or how big your bonus will be. Now, you care about what you can leave behind and how you can leave your mark on the company.

Take Obama. He has taken more action under executive orders recently than he has in previous years. He is probably tired of fighting Congress, so he is doing what he can. Since he cannot run anymore, he has done some things on his own authority, regardless of what Congress had to say. I think we will see even more of that as the final 2 years come to a close. The same should go for people on the brink of retirement. You should feel liberated and be able to do some things you feel are right to do. Things you have wanted to do but have not because of the shackles of fear, of retribution and of retaliation. You are soon to be free, on a permanent vacation. These fears should no longer affect you!

Lateral moves are okay at this point, but only if they are ultimately taking you to where you want to be. Forget about raises and promotions now and start thinking about the policies and big issues within your company that you want to see change. Go find what you believe in during your last years with your company and make it happen!

Jefferson Consulting can help you find your way through your last few years before retirement. I will help you, “make your mark on the world!”

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