Diversity in Hollywood…Who is Under, Over, and perfectly represented?

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Diversity in Hollywood…Who is Under, Over, and perfectly represented?


Lately, the media has been buzzing about the lack of diversity in Hollywood. Yes, we need more diversity in Hollywood. There is diversity at different levels. We think of Hollywood as actors and actresses. It seems to me that the community that has made the biggest strides in landing starring roles, is the LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender Questioning) community. There are sitcoms with gay leads and strong supporting rolls. We have talk show hosts that are openly gay, news anchors who have come out of the closet and are even more popular because of it! Highlighting LGBT in Hollywood has become not only accepted, but also prevalent. Because of some great organizations who support the LGBTQ community both with their time and with their money, a significant amount of influence via lobbying in Washington DC, has led to this accomplishment.

In the world of black actors and actresses, things have also changed tremendously. We can keep making progress in respect to black entertainers by including black entertainers as leads or stars that feature a diverse mix of characters. We do not have to relegate black actors to predominantly black movies, or any race or ethnicity to any particular movie for that matter.

There is a lot of room for progress in the Hispanic community. Hollywood, itself, sits in an area that has a Hispanic majority, but this group is still missing in major starring rolls. My advice to the Hollywood bigwigs? Continue making progress with LGBTQ and black communities but, work harder at making bigger strides in areas that are lacking tremendously. Keep ramping up Hispanic and Asian actors, in something other than gang and action movies.

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