How to know and what to do if you are Impacted by a Lack of Motivation.

We can get into the schedule of life with work, children and a spouse and feel like our schedules are full. But are they really? Are you impacted by lack of motivation? Stuck in a rut? How do you know?

Featured imageIt can be as simple as looking around your home. Are there things you have intended to do that you have left undone? Even spring cleaning that has been put off for months, or a few simple home improvement projects that you have only partially researched or left uncompleted. It can be things like books you have not finished reading, or new subjects you have only partially learned. Maybe these are things you do not even have to do yourself, and really all you have to do is to call somebody to help. These are all things that may be signs of a lack of consistent motivation.

Are you comfortable with what you are doing and what you’ve achieved? Are you okay with the position you have at work? Are you okay with staying in the same town, with no vacation, year after year? If so, you are probably stuck because you should always be stretched. Even if you’re in retirement, you need to feel stretched. Involve yourself in your community. Learn something new. Complete old projects. Invite others to help you. I don’t know if any of us will get to our maximum potential in life since there will always be something left on the table…However, we can try to stretch ourselves a little further all the time.

Don’t overstretch ‘til you break, but stretch like you do in the morning! I like to stretch through doing mentoring… but you can do your own self- evaluation. Be true to yourself in this. Everyone knows when they aren’t living up to their potential. Be real. Strive to be pleased and satisfied with yourself. It takes remarkable courage and energy to get out of that rut.

Are you reluctant to do new things, or meet new people, or to simply stretch yourself? Like Nike says, “Just Do it!” Start withFeatured image baby steps and reward yourself frequently. This builds momentum. When you get a pat on your back, or a, “Job well done” it makes you stick your chest out a bit. It builds excitement and makes you want to keep going. The more pats, the more confidence that builds and the bigger strides you will begin to take.

While some feel stretched, they are not always doing the things that stretch them in the right way. Remember to prioritize. What’s important? What is currently a waste of time? What makes you feel good? Then prioritize. How do you get there? Which comes first? Maybe a daily schedule would help. Write down all of the things you need to do every day (shower, drop children at school, appointments, etc.) then write in the things that will help you to stretch in a productive way. Keep going, endurance is prime. Remember, you got this!

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