My thoughts on Diversity and Innovation

My comment from the Forbes article, Five Trends Driving Workplace Diversity In 2015:

We can’t get distracted from the fact that you need a diverse (as in gender, race and sexual orientation) workforce, in order to foster all of this innovation. When diversity is talked about from a race and gender position, you automatically get people with different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, creative ideas, etc. So, it goes without saying that we get this “Diversity and Innovation” you are talking about by simply hiring a diverse group of people.

It is important to recognize that we have to be careful not to drift away from the basics. I don’t know why we would want to cover up or gloss over Diversity and Inclusion. We are still a long way from having a workforce that is truly diverse as reflected by gender, race and sexual orientation. Look at who the CEOs and decision makers are today. Look at those numbers and you see we still have  a long way to go to get women and people of color into these positions.

It is alright to tweak Diversity and Inclusion, but at the core we need a workforce that looks like the job market where we pull talent. This diversity needs to run throughout all levels of a company. If we do that, we will get diverse people with creative thoughts and it will take out the “Group Think” mentality automatically.

In conclusion, Diversity and Inclusion is still quite necessary. With true gender, race and sexual orientation diversity comes “Diversity and Innovation.” Diversity throughout all levels of all companies is still needed. If you don’t have it, eventually, you are going to become non-competitive.

Leave a comment and let me know what YOU think of Diversity and Innovation.

Five Trends Driving Workplace Diversity In 2015 (Original Article can be found at:

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