Co-Sharing A Work Space In Corporate America

The Future of the Workplace. Telecommuting is the next big thing. It shrinks the size of the offices and the people needed to be present to be influential. How do you prepare yourself so that you are viable in this new age? See what I think below:

Featured imageThere are fewer offices, more cubicles and there are even shared cubicles. In this day and age, there is no reason to be in the office, unless face to face interaction is necessary for management and leadership. Eventually, fewer and fewer people will be needed to show their face in the office on a daily basis.

You can’t be like me and be a dinosaur when it comes to technology. Get ahead of the curve, be knowledgeable, viable and relevant. If you fall behind, you can forget it. Technological education needs to begin with elementary and junior high students and should continue throughout adulthood.

How does diversity differ in a face to face world verses one that is not face to face? You do not have to deal with the culture of people as much, for the most part. There are less issues when you do not have to personally interact with people on a daily basis. Many years ago, most companies had a steno pool, a room of 30-40 women who did typing, transcription and such, as a fill-in (or temporary) type basis. If my administrative assistant was out, then I’d have to go to the steno pool. That place was so full of drama and arguing one had ever seen. I believe more people working from home can help to ease some of the “office drama”.

Companies who are worldwide, need to learn about the culture of other companies. Even if they do not meet them face to face, there is still room (and necessity) to learn their practices and rituals.

You do what it takes to get everyone on board in order to get the job done. It is different for each member of the team, but you must be equitable. You need to know what is required for each part of the company, suitable to the situation regardless of whether you sit at home to do your job, or you come into the office on a daily basis.


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