All it takes is a pebble to cause a ripple

Featured imageIt’s taken me a lifetime to gain the wealth of knowledge that I have today. One of the most important things that I have learned is how to invest all the intellectual treasures I have accumulated.  I found that it is most rewarding and fulfilling when I share it with those around me.   I have been blessed to see my pebble of knowledge spread and grow.

One of the greatest things we can do is uplift those around us.  Success is synonymous with making a difference in the world that you live in.  This starts with your circle of influence.

Ask yourself a simple question.  What have I done for anyone lately?  If you drew a blank from that question there are simple things you can do to break free of the issues that are blocking your capacity to help.  You’ve taken the first step in that you recognized you’ve been holding out.  You might of been hoarding your information in fear of criticism, fear of competition, or your own selfishness.   You might of been a little hesitant sharing your  knowledge simply because it’s a Wednesday. It may be for a reason you cannot even put your finger on. Whatever the reason, make up your mind to spread the news. Make a ripple by sharing your knowledge.

You can defeat these blockages.  If sharing with others has you frightened by what you think they are going to say or think of you, just recognize that people are no different than you and me. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. Why should you be afraid? Strong work ethic never let you down, so competition is only a tool that makes you stronger and helps elevate your game.   You can make plans to volunteer in your community.  It is a perfect opportunity to conquer any residue of selfishness and greatly benefits your neighborhood.

Gain perspective. Help others around you gain a broader perspective and hopefully, you will pick some up yourself, whether inadvertently or purposely.   Share your experiences, knowledge and wisdom with anyone you can while soaking in what others share with you. By sharing with others, you will be surprised at the return you will get on this investment.

All it takes is a pebble to cause a ripple and impact those within your circle.   Go ahead, give your knowledge away! Share it with others, an even bigger prize awaits those that do.

Look into your treasure chest.

Contribute to make your ripple.

Feel free to share some pebbles of knowledge with our community in the comments section below.  We’d love to hear from you.

Co-Sharing A Work Space In Corporate America

The Future of the Workplace. Telecommuting is the next big thing. It shrinks the size of the offices and the people needed to be present to be influential. How do you prepare yourself so that you are viable in this new age? See what I think below:

Featured imageThere are fewer offices, more cubicles and there are even shared cubicles. In this day and age, there is no reason to be in the office, unless face to face interaction is necessary for management and leadership. Eventually, fewer and fewer people will be needed to show their face in the office on a daily basis.

You can’t be like me and be a dinosaur when it comes to technology. Get ahead of the curve, be knowledgeable, viable and relevant. If you fall behind, you can forget it. Technological education needs to begin with elementary and junior high students and should continue throughout adulthood.

How does diversity differ in a face to face world verses one that is not face to face? You do not have to deal with the culture of people as much, for the most part. There are less issues when you do not have to personally interact with people on a daily basis. Many years ago, most companies had a steno pool, a room of 30-40 women who did typing, transcription and such, as a fill-in (or temporary) type basis. If my administrative assistant was out, then I’d have to go to the steno pool. That place was so full of drama and arguing one had ever seen. I believe more people working from home can help to ease some of the “office drama”.

Companies who are worldwide, need to learn about the culture of other companies. Even if they do not meet them face to face, there is still room (and necessity) to learn their practices and rituals.

You do what it takes to get everyone on board in order to get the job done. It is different for each member of the team, but you must be equitable. You need to know what is required for each part of the company, suitable to the situation regardless of whether you sit at home to do your job, or you come into the office on a daily basis.


How to know and what to do if you are Impacted by a Lack of Motivation.

We can get into the schedule of life with work, children and a spouse and feel like our schedules are full. But are they really? Are you impacted by lack of motivation? Stuck in a rut? How do you know?

Featured imageIt can be as simple as looking around your home. Are there things you have intended to do that you have left undone? Even spring cleaning that has been put off for months, or a few simple home improvement projects that you have only partially researched or left uncompleted. It can be things like books you have not finished reading, or new subjects you have only partially learned. Maybe these are things you do not even have to do yourself, and really all you have to do is to call somebody to help. These are all things that may be signs of a lack of consistent motivation.

Are you comfortable with what you are doing and what you’ve achieved? Are you okay with the position you have at work? Are you okay with staying in the same town, with no vacation, year after year? If so, you are probably stuck because you should always be stretched. Even if you’re in retirement, you need to feel stretched. Involve yourself in your community. Learn something new. Complete old projects. Invite others to help you. I don’t know if any of us will get to our maximum potential in life since there will always be something left on the table…However, we can try to stretch ourselves a little further all the time.

Don’t overstretch ‘til you break, but stretch like you do in the morning! I like to stretch through doing mentoring… but you can do your own self- evaluation. Be true to yourself in this. Everyone knows when they aren’t living up to their potential. Be real. Strive to be pleased and satisfied with yourself. It takes remarkable courage and energy to get out of that rut.

Are you reluctant to do new things, or meet new people, or to simply stretch yourself? Like Nike says, “Just Do it!” Start withFeatured image baby steps and reward yourself frequently. This builds momentum. When you get a pat on your back, or a, “Job well done” it makes you stick your chest out a bit. It builds excitement and makes you want to keep going. The more pats, the more confidence that builds and the bigger strides you will begin to take.

While some feel stretched, they are not always doing the things that stretch them in the right way. Remember to prioritize. What’s important? What is currently a waste of time? What makes you feel good? Then prioritize. How do you get there? Which comes first? Maybe a daily schedule would help. Write down all of the things you need to do every day (shower, drop children at school, appointments, etc.) then write in the things that will help you to stretch in a productive way. Keep going, endurance is prime. Remember, you got this!

Update from article on January 20th, Build Your Community, Don’t Burn it Down!:

Harris County DA Anderson has stated her support for legislation that will revamp the grand jury selection process. (Houston chronicle)

Featured image

Although I am not aware of the details, there is legislation that will be considered by the Texas lawmakers in Austin. It is my hope that any such legislation will not only deal with the selection process of the grand jurors, but will also deal with overhauling the grand jury system in total. This would include, looking at things like making the entire process more transparent.

How important is the company you keep? How do you know if you are supposed to pull others up or if they are just a waste of time?

IFeatured imagef you want to be excellent and your objectives are significant then you want to be around people with similar goals, accomplishments and dreams. Many of us learned this through the transition from high school to college. Coming home on holidays or breaks, you would see the friends who decided not to go away for college. Whether they began working, they started a 24/7 party life, or even started a family. Their goals, dreams and even personalities began to drift from your own. You come home to visit and spend less and less time with these childhood friends. Now, as an adult, they may be your friend on Facebook or Instagram, but they are usually a far cry from some of the people you connect with on professional levels. This process is usually something one does not notice, but it happens to most of us. We generally prune our relationships naturally in order to grow individually.

If you wake up and notice that you are keeping some company you probably shouldn’t. Stop! Don’t dumb down. Dumbing down is acting less intelligent than you really are in order to be accepted by a person or group of people. Try to be around people with aspirations, life goals, outlooks, drive and determination similar to yours. Smarten up!

Now, to be clear, I am not saying that you should not help your friends, or provide support or mentoring for others. After all, helping others and keeping bad company are two different things. You can’t help bad company. If your friend is overly negative, unproductive, and lazy and mean, they probably cannot benefit from your help.Featured image

On the other hand, consider friends who don’t have the education you have, for example. They may not know the crux of how to get into college, or they may not think they can afford it. As their friend, you should assuredly go out of your way to help them find a good school, teach them about financial aid, even go as far as going to the school with them or helping them fill out applications. Helping those who help themselves is always a win-win!

Sometimes, however, you may not have the time or the tools to pull someone up. You wouldn’t pull over and give someone the last of the gas in your car because Featured imagethen you couldn’t go anywhere. Helping others should be a conscious decision that does not affect you negatively in the long run. If you want to help people, great! But what about self-preservation? I would not want to help others so much that in doing so, it causes me to be only mediocre. If I accomplish my goals and objectives, I am better equipped to help others.

Generally, hang around people who are like-minded and, in which, the relationship is mutually beneficial. Don’t hang around people who cannot help you get to where you want to be. Consciously helping someone is fine, but don’t get caught in the web of being drained negatively by friends and associates.

What will you Gain from Working with Jefferson Consulting?

Featured imageOf course the answer everyone gives is the simple answer. By working with me, you can increase your income, potentially gain a more senior position within your company and even be introduced to influential people necessary to help you further your career.

But, there is so much more to learn and gain from having me as your consultant. One of the first things we need to do as a new team is to create your specific definition of success. The idea of success for one person may be different than that of another person. It is up to you to decide what is important. Find the truth within, it helps.

My personal definition of success?  Make a difference in the workplace and community, feel good about myself and what I do, and have the financial ability to live the lifestyle I want to live.

Overall, when working with Jefferson Consulting, you will gain added perspective with how you align with the world; where you fit in and how do you get to where you want to be. With my help you can get the assistance you need to be better aligned with the world.

Diversity in Hollywood…Who is Under, Over, and perfectly represented?

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Diversity in Hollywood…Who is Under, Over, and perfectly represented?


Lately, the media has been buzzing about the lack of diversity in Hollywood. Yes, we need more diversity in Hollywood. There is diversity at different levels. We think of Hollywood as actors and actresses. It seems to me that the community that has made the biggest strides in landing starring roles, is the LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender Questioning) community. There are sitcoms with gay leads and strong supporting rolls. We have talk show hosts that are openly gay, news anchors who have come out of the closet and are even more popular because of it! Highlighting LGBT in Hollywood has become not only accepted, but also prevalent. Because of some great organizations who support the LGBTQ community both with their time and with their money, a significant amount of influence via lobbying in Washington DC, has led to this accomplishment.

In the world of black actors and actresses, things have also changed tremendously. We can keep making progress in respect to black entertainers by including black entertainers as leads or stars that feature a diverse mix of characters. We do not have to relegate black actors to predominantly black movies, or any race or ethnicity to any particular movie for that matter.

There is a lot of room for progress in the Hispanic community. Hollywood, itself, sits in an area that has a Hispanic majority, but this group is still missing in major starring rolls. My advice to the Hollywood bigwigs? Continue making progress with LGBTQ and black communities but, work harder at making bigger strides in areas that are lacking tremendously. Keep ramping up Hispanic and Asian actors, in something other than gang and action movies.

“Wherever I see people doing something the way it’s always been done, the way it’s “supposed” to be done, following the same old trends, well, that’s just a big red flag to me to go look somewhere else.” Mark Cuban

Featured imageMarc Cuban is spot on with this idea. Any company can get into a groove. If you run a company, this means your profits are probably flat. If you are an individual working for someone else, this means your job is stale. This groove should be an indicator to look someplace else, or do something different. You finally realize if you continue to do the same thing, you are going to get the same results. It is an opportunity, if everyone is doing something the same way for a long, long time, regardless of if it is working, it is most likely time to change.

Let’s use Henry Ford, as an example. He surrounded himself with a team of brilliant people. He made the Model T. Surrounding himself with good people and listening to good ideas that were sound and intact, made Ford a fortune and a name for himself. We all have people in our lives of influence, tap into them and their knowledge base and use it. Everyone on this earth has a role to play, a place to fit into, no one is insignificant. Use your team to create your “Model T!”

Think about it. If what you are doing is unsuccessful, you tend to try something new. But, if a person or company is successful, they tend to lean on the pattern that has worked in the past, without revamping it. It is pertinent to know that even if success has come, you can still tweak and change things to make your success bigger, better and most importantly, sustaining. Here’s a free tip: Try setting bigger goals for your company. If you made a goal to increase profits by 2% per quarter and you have accomplished that for the last 3 quarters, change that goal to something you feel might be unattainable (but not outrageous) and see what happens! Trying new things can help you to succeed even more than you are already succeeding.

Presidential Candidates Need to Act Like Grownups

Featured imageIt is my sincere hope that the Republicans who run for president don’t get into an anti-Obama campaign. In other words, I do not want to see them run a campaign that says, “I am opposed to all of these things Obama did.” This would be extremely partisan and detrimental to our country. This type of activity would undermine and dismiss the great strides already taken by our current president to improve things for us all, as is the aim of every president. Thinking back on the last few years, there have been signs that say this is exactly what we will see.

Hearing the Senate Majority Leader say, “Our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term,” ( lets us know that we have a major issue on our hands. The number one job of our House and Senate should be something like ending homelessness in the U.S., or creating world peace; not impeaching the president.

Issues of substance should be the things that are focused on during AND after the election. Do the job you were elected to do. The last thing that should be happening is the bashing of the opposite party. We expect our politicians to represent their communities, respect each other and act like adults.

The last 5-7 Years before Retirement Should be Fun and Exciting!

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Where are you in your career currently? What skills do you have that will enable you to take them over to the less structured-working (retirement) world? At this stage in your career, most people are not worried about upward mobility in their company. Now, you can do some things without having to worry about the backlash you could suffer from your employer. Because you are so close to leaving, you no longer worry about being promoted, or how big your bonus will be. Now, you care about what you can leave behind and how you can leave your mark on the company.

Take Obama. He has taken more action under executive orders recently than he has in previous years. He is probably tired of fighting Congress, so he is doing what he can. Since he cannot run anymore, he has done some things on his own authority, regardless of what Congress had to say. I think we will see even more of that as the final 2 years come to a close. The same should go for people on the brink of retirement. You should feel liberated and be able to do some things you feel are right to do. Things you have wanted to do but have not because of the shackles of fear, of retribution and of retaliation. You are soon to be free, on a permanent vacation. These fears should no longer affect you!

Lateral moves are okay at this point, but only if they are ultimately taking you to where you want to be. Forget about raises and promotions now and start thinking about the policies and big issues within your company that you want to see change. Go find what you believe in during your last years with your company and make it happen!

Jefferson Consulting can help you find your way through your last few years before retirement. I will help you, “make your mark on the world!”